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Throughout human existence war, humanitarian aid, and peacekeeping have been obstacles that challenged the world. At BuyAircraftParts, we understand that it is imperative to constantly rise to meet and exceed those challenges with cutting-edge solutions. BAP answers the call for new and better technology in these fields, which have exponentially grown within the last few decades, meaning it is essential now more than ever to continue to break barriers in the aerospace community.

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In today's Aviation Industry, locating the parts you need and having a vendor deliver them on time is key, along with finding someone who can secure you a better price than most vendors. The staff at Buy Aircraft Parts is focused on Sustainment and Modernization projects domestically and internationally. Our customers have dedicated assigned account managers, so they deal with the same contact all the time and get a sense of familiarity.

Distribution & Logistics We have the ability to fill most any consumable order the same day.
Parts & Consumables BuyAircraftParts offers nothing less than the highest quality parts and consumables on the market. We supply MIL-STD/MILSPEC aerospace and military hardware and components
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Miscellaneous Electrical And Electronic Components
Wire Assemblies: Communication Equipment Cord Cable
Related Equipment Waveguides Antennas
Electrical Hardware And Supplies
Electrical Insulators And Insulating Materials
Electronic Microcircuits
Semiconductor Devices And Associated Hardware
Coils And Transformers
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  • 58293 rigid shaft coupling
    NSN 3010-00-215-0423

    0.159 inches hole diameter, 0.250 inches overall length, 0.1590 inches first end bore diameter, 1.000 inches overall diameter

  • 25116 shaft coupling half
    NSN 3010-00-215-0759

    0.660 inches overall length, 0.2380 inches bore diameter, 0.5950 inches bore length, straight bore shape, 2) slots 0.044" min., 0.049" max. W, 0.370" lg. Spaced 180 deg. Apart in end of hub; surface treatment: anodized; unthreaded hole qty: 2; securing method: unthreaded hole; bore counterbore feature: included; counterbore location: coupling end; hub od: 0.420" min., 0.425" max.; flange thickness: 0.130" nom.; counterbore dep.: 0.065" nom.; counterbore dia.: 0.875" nom.; hole dia.: 0.098" nom.

  • 25117 shaft coupling half
    NSN 3010-00-215-0760

    1.000 inches outside diameter, 0.3120 inches bore diameter, 0.2800 inches bore length, straight bore shape, hub on coupling end, 0.420" min., 0.425" max. Dia., 0.065" lg.; surface treatment: passivated; body keying facility wd: 0.134" min., 0.138" max.; unthreaded hole location: 180 deg. Apart 0.380" from center of bore; unthreaded hole qty: 2; securing method: unthreaded hole; hub od: 0.641" nom.; flange thickness: 0.150" nom.; hole dia.: 0.098" nom.

  • A11301 shaft coupling half
    NSN 3010-00-215-1852

    Offset, pin to hub body style, 0.250 inches overall length, 0.2500 inches bore diameter, straight bore shape, surface treatment: passivated; distance from bore centerline to body keying facility bottom/top: 0.781" nom.; hole thread size designator: no. 6-32; threaded hole location: hub; threaded hole qty: 1; securing method: threaded hole; bore counterbore feature: not included; keying facility: not included; o/a outside dimension: 1.188" nom.; hub od: 1/2" nom.; pin lg.: 0.188" nom.; thread provision: unthreaded; pin dia.: 0.125" nom.; flange thickness: 0.063" nom.

  • G311562 clutch pressure plate assembly
    NSN 3010-00-215-4786

    Alum. Alloy body, bronze bearing

  • 625-7947-001 rigid shaft coupling
    NSN 3010-00-215-8891

    2.000 inches overall length, 12 first end spline quantity, 0.6250 inches second end bore diameter, 1.000 inches overall diameter

  • 066 shaft coupling half
    NSN 3010-00-216-3272

    1 peripheral keyway, through bore body style, 0.217 inches overall length, 1.125 inches outside diameter, 0.1866 inches bore diameter

  • T6017-6-83 speed decreaser gear assembly
    NSN 3010-00-216-6626

    Compound reduction design type

Miscellaneous Communication Equipment
Spacers Shims Rings Bushings
Wire Springs Leaf Flat Coil
Knobs And Pointers

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