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Throughout human existence war, humanitarian aid, and peacekeeping have been obstacles that challenged the world. At BuyAircraftParts, we understand that it is imperative to constantly rise to meet and exceed those challenges with cutting-edge solutions. BAP answers the call for new and better technology in these fields, which have exponentially grown within the last few decades, meaning it is essential now more than ever to continue to break barriers in the aerospace community.

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In today's Aviation Industry, locating the parts you need and having a vendor deliver them on time is key, along with finding someone who can secure you a better price than most vendors. The staff at Buy Aircraft Parts is focused on Sustainment and Modernization projects domestically and internationally. Our customers have dedicated assigned account managers, so they deal with the same contact all the time and get a sense of familiarity.

Distribution & Logistics We have the ability to fill most any consumable order the same day.
Parts & Consumables BuyAircraftParts offers nothing less than the highest quality parts and consumables on the market. We supply MIL-STD/MILSPEC aerospace and military hardware and components
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Transistor 5961-00-005-9811
10/02/22 06:31pm

inclosure material plastic; mounting method unthreaded hole; semiconductor material silicon

Non Wire Wound Variable Resistor 5905-00-005-9579
10/02/22 04:45pm

body height 0.36 inches; body length 1.25 inches; body width 0.28 inches

5910-00-005-9562 Special Capacitor
10/02/22 03:18pm

special capacitor nsn 5910000059562.

Induct Wire Wound Fixed Resistor 5905-00-005-9559
10/02/22 01:35pm

electrical resistance 820 ohms; resistance tolerance in percent -5 to 5

5999-00-005-9553 Electrical-electron Mounting Pad
10/02/22 12:08pm

electrical-electron mounting pad nsn 5999000059553.

Fuel Injection Nozzle 2910-00-006-0102
10/02/22 10:12am

part number: 2704-e9e527 and c7tz-9e527-e; cage code: 57526 and 23040

Engine Fuel Pump Parts Kit 2910-00-006-0104
10/02/22 08:23am

part number: 2701e-9k340-d; cage code: 57526 and 23040

4820-00-006-0115 Stop Diaphragm Valve
10/02/22 07:02am

stop diaphragm valve nsn 4820000060115.

Exhaust Muffler 2990-00-006-0117
10/02/22 05:29am

inlet thread direction right-hand; inlet connection type threaded; inlet thread size 3-1/2-8

2920-00-006-0123 Starter Moto Switch
10/01/22 06:11pm

starter moto switch nsn 2920000060123.

2990-00-006-0133 Gasoline Engine Govern Parts Kit
10/01/22 05:02pm

gasoline engine govern parts kit nsn 2990000060133.

3010-00-006-0170 Flexible Shaft Coupling
10/01/22 03:44pm

flexible shaft coupling nsn 3010000060170.

Stocked Inventory

NSN product stock availability updates and alerts. Last updated: 10/03/2022 02:17am inventory updates catalog »

NSN 8040-01-185-6815
Availability: 19
NSN 3040-01-226-0403
Push-pull Control Assembly
Availability: 4
NSN 5935-01-120-7331
Electrical Plug Connector
Availability: 1
NSN 6615-00-876-4987
Displacement Gyroscope
Availability: 3
NSN 5975-01-091-2045
Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit
Availability: 136
NSN 5310-00-196-6677
Flat Washer
Availability: 12818
NSN 5331-00-579-9833
Availability: 384
NSN 3950-00-027-3923
Power Operated Drum Winch
Availability: 242

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