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Throughout human existence war, humanitarian aid, and peacekeeping have been obstacles that challenged the world. At BuyAircraftParts, we understand that it is imperative to constantly rise to meet and exceed those challenges with cutting-edge solutions. BAP answers the call for new and better technology in these fields, which have exponentially grown within the last few decades, meaning it is essential now more than ever to continue to break barriers in the aerospace community.

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In today's Aviation Industry, locating the parts you need and having a vendor deliver them on time is key, along with finding someone who can secure you a better price than most vendors. The staff at Buy Aircraft Parts is focused on Sustainment and Modernization projects domestically and internationally. Our customers have dedicated assigned account managers, so they deal with the same contact all the time and get a sense of familiarity.

Distribution & Logistics We have the ability to fill most any consumable order the same day.
Parts & Consumables BuyAircraftParts offers nothing less than the highest quality parts and consumables on the market. We supply MIL-STD/MILSPEC aerospace and military hardware and components
Warehousing We operate multiple warehouse locations with our logistics centers for reliable and quick delivery of your parts.

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1620-00-006-1016 Hold Down Plate
03/25/23 05:54am

landing gear kneel system

5998-00-006-1000 Circuit Card Assembly
03/24/23 06:15pm

capacitor 14 diode 14 printed wiring board 1 resistor 71 thermocouple 1 relay 1 transistor 28

NSN 5330-00-006-0946 Gasket
03/24/23 04:43pm

length: 27.38 inches width: 15.8 inches hardness rating 35 shore durometer a minimum and 45 shore durometer a maximum rubber material

NSN 5365-00-006-0944 Spacer
03/24/23 02:48pm

length: 0.22 inches aluminum material body outside diameter: 0.5 inches body inside diameter: 0.168 inches minimum and 0.175 inches maximum

5330-00-006-0757 Gasket
03/24/23 01:19pm

cross-sectional shape style no.195 irregular shape from fiig a03200

5330-00-006-0754 Preformed Packing
03/24/23 11:18am

cross-sectional shape style: 116 irregular shape from old fiig a03200

5330-00-006-0749 Seal Kit
03/24/23 09:47am

seal kit nsn 5330000060749.

NSN 5315-00-006-0627 Pin
03/24/23 08:05am

diameter: 0.495 inches minimum and 0.497 inches maximum steel material hardness rating: 26.5 rockwell c minimum and 32 rockwell c maximum height: 0.093 inches

5310-00-006-0624 Nut
03/24/23 06:58am

steel material nominal thread size: 0.375 inches nut height: 0.364 mils and 0.384 centimeters

NSN 5325-00-006-0623 Ring
03/24/23 05:16am

steel material inside diameter: 0.276 inches minimum and 0.283 inches maximum major thickness: 0.04 inches minimum and 0.044 inches maximum

1560-00-006-0575 Antenna Engine Insert
03/23/23 06:35pm

aluminum 0.515 inches length 0.202 inches min 0.208 inches max diameter hole 0.444 inches body diameter

1560-00-006-0565 Latch Cover
03/23/23 04:53pm

aluminum alloy; 6.16 inches length two holes 2.23 inches min diameter; countersink 100 degrees; two holes on small end 0.191 inches min 0.196 inches max diameter; countersink 100 degrees by 0.385 inches diameter

Stocked Inventory

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NSN 5310-00-274-8879
Hexagon Self-locking Nut
Availability: 2343
NSN 9390-00-023-8223
Reflective Tape
Availability: 18
NSN 8020-00-178-8305
Paint Brush
Availability: 13
NSN 5310-00-001-4694
Hexagon Slotted Plain Nut
Availability: 3661
NSN 2610-00-050-9840
Vehicular Pneumatic Tire
Availability: 275
NSN 2805-01-221-7425
Engine Oil Pump Assembly
Availability: 3
NSN 5841-01-574-5552
Radar Receiver-transmitter
Availability: 260
NSN 5330-01-448-9657
Packing Retainer
Availability: 1

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