Construction And Building Materials

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includes asphalt; cinders; gravel; lime; sand; rough dimension stone, including rubble; cement; ballast.

includes concrete building block; cinder block; slag brick; cut stone; cut and polished stone; ceramic floor and wall tile; architectural terra cotta; concrete slabs and grilles.

includes concrete pipe and conduit; clay pipe and conduit for underground use; drain tile; nonmetallic pipe fittings for underground use.

includes paper building board; ceiling board; gypsum board; insulating board; plasterboard; soundproofing board; tar paper; wallpaper; mineral wool; glass wool batts; pipe covering.

includes roofing (all materials), including sheet metal; roofing felt; roll roofing; roofing tile; shingles.

includes door frames; window frames; window sashes; eave troughs (gutters); gratings; grilles; shutters; fixed fire escapes; mounted partitions.

includes nonwood dimensional lumber; flooring; special turning and carvings; nonwood veneer.

includes expanded metal lath; airplane landing mats; traction mats.

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