Textiles, Leather, Furs, Apparel And Shoe Findings, Tents And Flags

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includes canvas materials; plastic fabrics; felt materials; netting, plastic and textile; oilcloth; textile scrap.

includes buttons; dressmakers' pins; needles; shoulder pads; embroideries; stamped art goods for embroidery and art needlework; hair nets; sewing kits.

includes feathers and downs, processed; spanish moss, processed; cotton wadding and batting; kapok.

includes crosses; sacs; fur plates; fur mats.

includes garment leather; patent leather; glove leather; shoe leather; upholstery leather; industrial leather.

includes counters; taps; shoe laces; lasts and last sole patterns; ornamental shoe buckles and bows.

includes tent pins; tent poles; multiple purpose covers of woven or unwoven fabrics, not for permanent installation.

includes signalling flags; flagstaffs; signal shapes; flagpoles; flagstaff trucks; speed cones; flagstaff belts; semaphore flags.

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