FSG 38 | Construction, Mining, Excavating, And Highway Maintenance Equipment

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Includes scrapers; ditchers; loaders; graders; special construction type earth and rock hauling trucks and trailers; special individual work and power sections of construction equipment with a quick connect/disconnect capability. the power section is designed to be coupled with a work section to form a functional piece of construction equipment. Excludes standard tractors (fsg 24); trailers (fsc 2330); trucks (fsc 2320).

Includes cranes; crane-semitractors; crane-shovels; crane-tractors. Excludes barge mounted cranes (fsc 1935); locomotive cranes (fsc 2230).

Includes backhoes; buckets; dippers; fairleads; gantries; grapples; lifting magnets; shovels; wrecking balls.

Includes augers; crushers; crushing, screening, and washing plants and units; drilling machines; paving breakers; rock drills. Excludes tampers (fsc 3895).

Includes pavement scrubbing machines; snow removal units; sweepers; road marking machines; vacuum cleaners; water distributors; weed burners. Excludes standard tractors with road clearing or cleaning attachments (fsc 2410, 2420, 2430); timber sawing equipment (fsc 5130, 5110).

Includes angledozers; augers; backhoes; bullclams; bulldozer-shovels; cranes; grubbers; loaders; rakes; rippers; rollers; scarifiers; snow removal units; snowplows; sweepers; treedozers.

Includes well heads; pumping equipment; gas distribution equipment.

Includes asphalt elevators; asphalt heaters; asphalt kettles; asphalt transfer equipment; batching plants; stabilizing and compacting equipment; concrete mixers (all types); concrete vibrators; bituminous and concrete pavers; asphalt distributors; sheepfoot rollers; rooters; rippers; pile drivers; bitumen heaters; cable laying, lashing, spinning, and reeling equipment. Excludes earth moving and excavating equipment (fsc 3805 & 3810); pile driving attachments for cranes and crane-shovels (fsc 3815); special individual work and power sections of construction equipment with a quick connect/disconnect capability (fsc 3805).

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