Electrical And Electronic Equipment Components

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includes varistors; resistive ballast tubes; rheostats; resistor networks; resistor mounting hardware; thermistors.

includes interference filter capacitors; capacitor mounting hardware.

includes fuseholders; fuse boxes; fuse posts; fuse links; fuse blocks; current limiters; corona balls; electrostatic dischargers.

includes circuit breakers and cutouts.

includes rotary, knife, toggle, push button, mercury, thermostatic, and differential pressure switches.

includes plugs; jacks; receptacles, electronic component sockets and associated accessories

includes binding posts; battery clips; stud terminals; test clips.

includes electromagnetic actuators.

includes coils, except ignition and magneto; coil assemblies; reactors; transformers.

includes crystal units, processed unmounted crystals, crystal controlled oscillators and noncrystal controlled oscillators

includes rectifying tubes; photoelectric tubes; electron vibrator tubes.

includes semiconductor assemblies; semiconductor diodes; semiconductor rectifiers, semiconductor thyristors; transistors; unitized semiconductors; associated hardware except sockets.

includes integrated circuit devices; integrated circuit modules, integrated electronic devices: hybrid, magnetic, molecular, opto-electronic, and thin film.

includes tube, knob, cleat, strain, and standoff insulators; feed thru insulators; bead insulators; varnish cambric tape; friction tape.

includes conduit; raceways; face plates; condulets; outlet and junction boxes; pole line hardware, not elsewhere classifiable.

includes brushes for electrical rotating equipment; carbon stock for brushes; brush arm and holders; lighting electrodes.

includes optoelectronic devices and assemblies which display numeric, alpha-numeric, symbolic, or graphic information, emitters, and nondisplay optoelectronic devices, such as couplers, detectors, and switches which perform an active function in an electronic system%

includes aerials; masts; tower equipment; attenuators; couplers; transmission lines.

includes audio amplifiers, complementary amplifiers, amplifiers, operational amplifiers, power amplifiers, radio frequency amplifiers, signal amplifiers, video amplifiers, and magnetic amplifiers.

includes permanent magnets and magnetostriction elements; caps, clips, and contacts, electrical.

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