FSG 42 | Firefighting, Rescue, And Safety Equipment; And Environmental Protection Equipment And Materials

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Includes fire extinguishers; fire axes; fire rakes; fire beaters; fire trucks; fire hose; play pipes; hose fittings having one or more fire hose end connections; fire hose reels; fire fighting trailers; fire hydrants; sprinkler heads. Excludes wrecking bars (fsc 5120, 1385).

Includes diving and salvage apparatus, including pressurized divers' suits; rescue nets, buoyant; inflatable life vests; life rafts. Excludes lifesaving boats (fsc 1940).

Note-excludes production type equipment designed for impregnation of metal castings and electronic components, processing of leather and textiles, and for similar industrial processing operations.

Includes secondary spill containment sumps; liquid spill containment pallets; spill containment basins; spill containment systems; absorbent, sorbent and blotting materials.

Includes portable fire escapes; safety nets, nonbuoyant. Excludes divers' suits; fixed fire escapes.

Includes material and machinery designed to remove, neutralize and/or prepare for possible re-use of substances otherwise considered to be un-reclaimable.

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