Electric Wire, And Power And Distribution Equipment

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includes contactors; motor controllers; power servomechanisms; switchgear; voltage regulators.

includes engine, turbine, wind, and hand driven generator sets and auxiliary aircraft generators.

includes complete functioning fuel cell power units; fuel cells; fuel cell assemblies or modules; fuel cell reactant chambers; fuel feed mechanisms; electrolyte heaters; heat exchangers; and other internal components peculiar to, and used exclusively on or with, fuel cell power units classified in this class.

includes complete battery charging equipment, rotating; dynamotors; motor-converters; motor-generator sets; phase converters; rotating equipment; synchronous converters.

includes complete battery charging equipment, nonrotating; power supplies, multiapplication.

includes cells and dry batteries; nuclear batteries.

includes rechargeable cells and batteries.

includes insulated and noninsulated, wire and cable, such as, antenna wire, coaxial cable, fuse and resistance wire, and magnet wire.

includes appliance and extension cords; electric power and distribution cable with attachments, multiapplication; common components of electrical rotating equipment, such as end bells and frames.

includes battery boxes, covers, liners, racks, retainers, and trays.

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