Special Industry Machinery

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includes industrial food products equipment.

includes offset presses; typesetting machinery; bookbinding machinery; photoengraving machinery; printing type; rules; leads; slugs; line gages; quoins; plate hooks; gelatine process machines; spirit process machines; stencil process machines; offset process machines; photostat machines; blueprint printing and developing machines; print shop furniture.

includes chippers; digestors; beaters; bleaching equipment; paperboard manufacturing machinery.

includes plasticators; presses; synthetic rubber working machinery; thread extruding machinery; vulcanizing machinery.

includes cotton ginning machinery; looms; button covering machines; rope laying machines; lace machines.

includes brickmaking machinery.

includes optical goods manufacturing machinery.

includes crushers and mills for chemical materials; pharmaceutical briquetting and tabletting presses; chemical explosive manufacturing machinery.

includes substrate preparation equipment; circuit pattern forming equipment; interconnecting and packaging equipment.

includes molding machines; tumbling mills, foundry dextrine; core paste.

includes drum and jerrican manufacturing machinery; specially designed container leak testing machines; can making machinery.

includes ammunition and explosive loading (filling and assembling) specialized machinery; small arms ammunition manufacturing machinery; artillery and anti-aircraft shell manufacturing machinery.

includes industrial production type power screwdriving machines; circuit card assembly machines.

includes laminar and nonlaminar flow enclosures; dust controlled facilities; air showers.

includes communication wire dispenser fabricating machinery; specialized logging equipment; petroleum refinery machinery; shoemaking machinery; production type impregnating equipment.

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