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Includes gas reciprocating engines; all gasoline reciprocating engines except aircraft prime moving. Excludes engine accessories (fsc 2990).

Note-engines and components classified in this fsc must be desinged specifically for use as/on an aircraft prime mover. auxiliary engines and their components will be classified in the appropriate fsc elsewhere in fsg 28. Includes complete engine assemblies; piston rings; cylinders; pistons; camshafts; crankshafts. Excludes fuel system components (carburetors; carburetor floats; fuel pumps; fuel controls; fuel valves) (fsc 2915); electrical system components (spark plug adapters; ignition distributors; ignition coils, electrical starters) (fsc 2925); engine cooling system components (engine oil coolers; cooling radiators) (fsc 2935); engine air/oil cleaners/filters/strainers (fsc 2945); miscellaneous engine accessories (pneumatic starters, cowling mounts, control assemblies) (fsc 2995).

Includes automotive, industrial, marine, locomotive, and all other types of diesel and semi-diesel engines. Excludes engines accessories (fsc 2990).

Includes mercury vapor turbines.

Note-engines and components classified in this fsc are primarily for use on non-aircraft prime mover (e.g., naval ship applications), aircraft non-prime mover (e.g., airframe mounted auxiliary power units), and for aircraft ground support equipment (e.g., start carts). Includes airflow deflectors; combustion chambers, compressors, turbines, accessory gear boxes and their components. Excludes components for gas turbines and jet engines, aircraft prime mover (fsc 2840); engine fuel systems (fsc 2910); engine electrical systems (fsc 2920); engine cooling systems (fsc 2930); engine air/oil cleaners/filters/strainers (fsc 2940); engine accessories (air duct heaters, engine mounted control assemblies) (fsc 2990).

Note-engines and components classified in this fsc are intended for use as/on aircraft and/or guided missile prime movers. Includes compressor and turbine rotors; blades; combustion chamber; accessory gear box; afterburner; exhaust cone; reservoirs, hydraulic; tank, oil. Excludes oil, air, anti-icing, and hydraulic regulators, valves, and pumps specially designed for gas turbines and jet engines (fsc 2995); control assemblies, push-pull (fsc 2995); engine mounted control assemblies (fsc 2995); fuel system components (fsc 2915); engine electrical system components (fsc 2925); engine cooling system components (fsc 2935); engine air/oil cleaner/filter/strainers (fsc 2945).

Includes rocket prime movers, liquid type, including liquid jet assisted take off (jato) units, for use in aircraft, rockets, and guided missiles; liquid propellants encased in consumable containers, intended for insertion into missile propulsion systems as integral parts. Excludes rocket motors - solid propellant units (fsc 1337); liquid propellants predetermined to specific quantity and quality, but packaged in reusable containers; solid propellant squibs and cartridges, whether intended for insertion into liquid propellent systems or not (fsc 1337).

Includes wind and compressed air engines.

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