FSG 39 | Materials Handling Equipment

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Includes pneumatic tube systems; portable, stationary, powered, and nonpowered conveyors; conveyor feeders.

Note-materials handling equipment included in this class is restricted to those materials feeders and parts feeders that serve as a conveying device, and by which the rate of delivery of bulk materials, packages, or objects may be controlled. items included in this class are synchronized with companion machinery, feeding predetermined amounts, by volume, of specific materials accurately and continuesly from storage bins or hoppers to process or mixing machines, and are interchangable between machines. excluded from this class are conveyor feeders (i.e., apron, belt, chain, flight, pan, etc., adapted for feeder service) that are classifiable in class 3910 and/or class 3895, as appropriate. Includes dry materials feeders; parts feeders Excludes aggregate and fines feeders; conveyor feeders; water purification dry chemical feeders.

Includes dolly trucks; pushcarts; handcarts; wheelbarrows; hand trucks; materials handling trailers. Excludes conveyors.

Includes tug jockeys; fork lift trucks; platform trucks; straddle trucks.

Excludes load chain; chain and metal rope fittings; wire rope; hoists; ship rigging.

Includes windlasses: capstans: ore bridges: gypsies: warehouse cranes: wharf cranes, mobile or fixed: overhead traveling cranes. Excludes crane-shovels (fsc 3810); barge mounted cranes (fsc 1935); winches for integral mounting on trucks or tractors (fsc 3830); locomotive cranes (fsc 2230).

Includes skids; pallets. Excludes airfield engine transport skids.

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