Plumbing, Heating, And Waste Disposal Equipment

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includes bathtubs; commodes; lavatories; shower cabinets; sinks; water closets; accessories and component parts, such as dispensers, faucets, holders, racks, shower heads, flush valves and stop valves.

includes boilers, 15 pounds wsp and under (for boilers over 15 pounds wsp, see fsc 4410); domestic water storage tanks through 100 gallon capacity; fireplace heaters; furnaces; space heaters; heating radiators; immersion heaters; water heaters, through 100 gallon recovery capacity (for heaters over 100 gallons recovery capacity, see fsc 4410).

includes oil burners; stokers; gas burners.

includes compactors; destructors; garbage disposals; incinerators; septic tanks.

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