Office Machines, Text Processing Systems And Visible Record Equipment

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includes accounting and adding machines and electronic calculators.

includes typewriters and office type composing machines with built-in electric/electronic functions such as margins, headings, tabs, centering and related actions.

includes minicomputer and microcomputer controlled systems specifically designed for user programmable processing of the office information application; connected peripheral equipment; automatic repetitive typewriters; text editing typewriters and video display text editing typewriters.

includes dictating machines; transcribing machines; combination dictating and transcribing machines.

includes manually operated and power operated visible record equipment; visible index files, rotary and stationary; specially designed components, such as wire and bar pockets, cover plates, stop wires, and channel stops; control boards; binder racks; devices and systems designed to automatically store and retrieve hard copy documents. for those microform automatic retrieval systems that contain an integral viewer or view/printer, see class 6730.

includes addressing machines; check handling machines; coin counting machines; mailing machines, currency handling machines.

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