Ammunition And Explosives

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includes components.

includes components, except fuzes and primers; chemical warfare cartridges.

includes components, except fuzes and primers; pyrotechnic cartridges and projectiles; chemical warfare cartridges and projectiles.

includes components, except fuzes and primers; chemical warfare projectiles.

includes components; photoflash bombs; chemical warfare bombs; bomb clusters.

includes components; hand and rifle grenades; smoke grenades.

includes warheads containing military chemical agents; exercise heads, guided missile.

includes rocket motors (solid propellant units) for guided missiles, explosive-loaded; all explosive components for guided missile and space vehicle solid fuel propulsion units; solid propellants encased in consumable containers, such as squibs and cartridges, intended for insertion into missile propulsion systems as integral parts.

includes rocket motors (solid propellant units) for guided missiles, inert-loaded or empty; all inert (nonexplosive) components for guided missile and space vehicle solid fuel propulsion units.

includes complete rounds; explosive components, including warheads; pyrotechnic rockets; solid fuel jato units; rocket motors (solid propellant units) for rockets; covers, protective rocket warhead; jettisonable rocket launchers; conditioning kits and sets, controlled environment; and other peculiar components which are not classified elsewhere.

includes components; antipersonnel mines; antitank mines; fuzes.

includes: remote munition items and systems used singularly or in combination to defeat a variety of threats; fuzes; safe and arming devises; self destruction mechanisms; communication modules; command and control systems and various other pertinent components.

includes parachute packs; inert mine cases; booster cans; clock delays; clock starters; search coils; extenders.

includes loaded cases; boosters; detonators.

includes: complete operating units, such as an underwater mine reconnaissance device, as well as component parts, practice, training, blank, and dummies.

includes complete explosive device, including ammunition, detonating charge, and component parts.

includes warheads; boosters; detonators.

includes inert firing mechanisms; pistols without detonators; extenders.

includes cases; boosters; detonators.

includes war gases; screening smokes; incendiary and thickening agents; signaling smokes.

includes flares; signals; fireworks; pistol rocket signals.

includes items for construction, quarrying and demolition work such as dynamite and other explosives packed in cylindrical paper cartridges or in bags, demolition charges, blasting caps, blasting time fuses, detonating cord, demolition firing devices; booby trap mechanisms; bangalore torpedoes; inert accessories and components such as blasting machines, priming adapters, and detonating cord clips.

includes solid propellants, predetermined to specific quantity and quality, packaged in reusable containers; explosive loaded devices and components as shown in the indexes to the fsc.

includes impulse cartridges; delay cartridges; engine starter cartridges (explosive filled); fire extinguisher cartridges (used to activate by remote control); aircraft ejection seat catapults; rocket motors (solid propellant units) for aircraft ejection seats; aircraft canopy removers; thrusters, propellant and cartridge actuated; initiators; explosive bolts and explosive bolt cartridges; cutters, cartridge or propellant actuated, reefing line; powder actuated tool cartridges; explosive loaded devices and components which are not specifically classified elsewhere.

includes ammunition shapes, such as blanks, disks, slugs, cups, and rotating bands (shell bands).

includes handling and servicing equipment specially designed for use on or with rockets and conventional ammunition.

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