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includes all drugs, medicinal grade chemicals, and biologicals subject to the federal food, drug and cosmetic act, listed in the monograph section of the u.s. pharmacopeia or the national formulary or covered by the united states adopted names (usan). other nations may apply their own legal documents.

includes medicated cosmetics and toiletries that have been determined to be drugs in accordance with the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act.

includes all drugs, medicinal grade chemical, and biologicals subject to the provisions of the department of agriculture (veterinary drugs and biologicals) specifically formulated for veterinary use. other nations may apply their own legal documents.

includes bandages, compresses, dressings, gauze, pads, sponges, and impregnated surgical dressing materials.

includes anesthesia apparatus; blood transfusion apparatus; oxygen therapy apparatus; respirators; orthopedic supplies; arch supports; clinical thermometers; sutures; hearing aids; veterinary equipment; endoscopes, fiber optic.

includes dental engines; dental laboratory equipment; operating chairs; orthodontic appliances; teeth; dental metals; dental abrasives; dental laboratory furniture.

includes medical x-ray film; medical x-ray film viewing equipment; medical x-ray film processing and finishing equipment and supplies; x-ray tubes; computerized tomography (ct) scanners and related equipment; magnetic resonance imaging machine and related equipment; positron emission tomography (pet) scanners and related equipment; computed and/or direct digital radiography machines and related equipment; ultrasound and echocardiogram scanners and related equipment; scintigraphy equipment; medical picture archiving and communication systems (pacs) equipment; medical thermal imaging equipment; optical coherence tomography (oct) spectroscopy machines and related equipment; and imaging supplies and contrast delivery systems that are not used by other medical disciplines.

includes orthopedic equipment; operating lights; physiotherapy equipment; sterilizers; wheelchairs; litters; hospital beds; restraint equipment.

includes only those clothing items which are required exclusively for use in hospital operations, or in medical or dental facilities, which have no functional counterpart elsewhere in federal organizations participating in the federal catalog system.

includes ophthalmic lens cutting and grinding machine; ophthalmic lenses and lens blanks; spectacle frames; ophthalmological and optometric instruments, equipment, and supplies.

includes in vitro diagnostic aids, such as test tablets, test slides, test strips, test cards, test papers, test solutions, reagents; sets and kits designated for in vitro qualitative and quantitative tests on specimens, such as blood, urine, feces, and the like, for the purposes of aiding in the medical diagnosis of disease, determining body organ dysfunction, or other abnormal conditions.

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