Instruments And Laboratory Equipment

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includes azimuths; sextants; octants; compasses; plotting boards; underwater log equipment; air position indicators; drift meters.

includes air speed indicators; rate of climb indicators; bank and turn indicators; pitot tubes; gyro horizon indicators; attitude gyro indicators.

includes automatic pilot regulators; directional, vertical, bank and turn, and hydraulic surface gyro controls; airborne and shipborne automatic pilot mechanisms; helicopter automatic stabilization equipment.

includes all engine instruments, including aircraft, marine, and vehicular; fuel pressure gages; manifold pressure gages; oil pressure gages; fuel mixture indicators; engine oil and fuel warning devices.

includes test leads and test lead attachments; test instruments designed for communication equipment; test instruments designed for use with electronic equipment classified in two or more fsc groups.

includes acidity (ph) meters; gas analyzers; alakalinity measuring instruments; colorimeters.

includes destructive and nondestructive inspection equipment such as fluorescent penetrant inspection units; magnetic inspection units; industrial x-ray machines; industrial x-ray film; tensiometers; material hardness testers.

includes chambers; wind tunnels; enclosures specifically designed to simulate an environmental condition; weatherometers; fadeometers; specially designed equipment and components exclusively related to environmental chambers.

includes laboratory glassware; laboratory funnels; laboratory furnaces; glass beads; laboratory white sand; litmus paper; paper filters; insect transfixion pins; laboratory glass wool; laboratory furniture, except dental laboratory.

includes clocks; job recording devices; time recorders; time stamps, watch and clock movements; watches.

includes binoculars; magnifiers; microscopes; periscopes; telescopes; optical elements; such as lens, prisms, windows; optical benches and associated devices; endoscopes, fiber optics (non-medical).

includes geodetic, oceanographic and seismographic instruments.

includes meteorological ballons; radiosonde sets; radarsonde sets.

includes radiac equipment; gas detecting equipment; land mine detecting equipment.

includes coin operated, household, industrial, postal, and laboratory scales and balances.

includes drawing instruments, drafting tools; engineering and architectural scales; levels; transits; photogrammetric instruments; astrolabes; level rods; plane tables; surveying altimeters; theodolites.

includes liquid level float instruments; revolution counters; speedometers; rotation measuring instruments and apparatus; oxygen flow indicators; tachometers, including engine tachometers.

includes thermometers, including engine thermometers; pressure gages; thermocouple leads; resistance bulbs.

includes flow-pressure instruments; taximeters; dynamometers.

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