Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, And Cycles

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includes cars, motor, highway; busses; chassis, passenger motor vehicle; hearses; ambulances.

includes panel, delivery and pick up trucks, military cargo carrying vehicles, including wheel mounted amphibian vehicles; truck tractors and trailer combinations.

includes semitrailers; semitrailer dollies; cargo trailers; passenger and house trailers; special purpose trailers, such as ammunition.

includes sidecars; tricycles.

includes tanks and tracked self-propelled weapons and vehicles with or without amphibian capabilities; armored halftracks; self-propelled sleds; and self-propelled flame throwers.

includes: wheeled self-propelled weapons and combat vehicles with or without amphibian capabilities; armored wheeled vehicles; mine resistant ambush protected vehicles; self-propelled wheeled sleds; and self-propelled wheeled flame throwers.

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