Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, And Air Circulating Equipment

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includes grocery type display cases; ice cream cabinets; drinking fountains (except portable and stationary types classified in class 4510); professional and scientific refrigerators; rivet coolers; photographic refrigerators; mortuary refrigerators; household and commercial refrigerators; grocery type showcases; and other types of refrigeration equipment of the commissary or food store type.

includes store type units; window and room type units; marine, and vehicular air conditioning units; air conditioning plants and systems.

includes heat exchanger equipment; refrigerant strainers; refrigeration compressors; air conditioning and refrigeration servicing equipment, such as charging and testing manifolds, lines and units; operating components of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, plants, and systems classified in classes 4110 and 4120.

includes wall type fans; pedestal type fans; household type and attic type exhaust fans; floor fans; forged draft exhaust and disposal kits; fans, air circulators, and blower equipment, whether designated as "industrial" or "nonindustrial" by application and/or use.

includes tool grinding spot coolers; machining spot coolers; electronic equipment spot coolers; and electronic cabinet spot coolers.

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