FSG 51 | Hand Tools

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Includes chisels; files; pipe cutters; rasps; saws; screw plates; axes; hatchets; machetes.

Includes hammers; picks; pliers, except pliers for cutting only; screwdrivers; shovels; construction rakes, forks and hoes; jacks, including contractors' jacks; wrecking bars; glue pots; blowtorches. Excludes craftsman's measuring tools; gardening rakes, forks, hoes, and other garden tools.

Includes drills; riveters; portable electric saws; pneumatic tools; abrasive wheels, cones, and other abrasive attachments for use only on hand held power tools.

Excludes punching, stamping, and marking dies.

Note-this class includes sets, kits and outfits consisting of several different items classifiable either in a single class or in several classes. excluded from this class are sets, kits and outfits consisting of variations (such as size or color) of an item. classify these items in the same class as the individual item.

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