FSG 19 | Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, And Floating Docks

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Includes aircraft carriers; battleships; cruisers; destroyers; submarines; frigates and corvettes; gunboats; motor torpedo boats; subchasers; landing barges; minelaying and mine sweeping craft.

Includes tugs; towboats; fire boats; ice breakers; repair ships; tender vessels (buoy, lighthouse, destroyer); lightships; cable ships; salvage and submarine rescue vessels. Excludes combat vessels; dredges.

Includes aircraft lighters, car floats, and other transportation barges, depot barges; scows.

Includes derrick, piledriver, and rock cutter barges; barrage balloon, catapult lighter, and torpedo testing barges; concrete mixing plant, mechanical bank grader, and other bank revetment barges; fire, smudge removal, and other pump barges; houseboats, except yacht type; power plant barges; refrigeration barges; barge mounted cranes, flexible towed barges. Excludes combat landing barges.

Includes powered and unpowered small craft; lifesaving boats; airplane crash boats; reconnaissance boats; yachts; pneumatic boats. Excludes fishing craft; life rafts, including pneumatic; bridge floats and pontoons.

Includes camels; pontoon stanchions; pontoon ramps. Excludes floating drydocks; bridge floats and pontoons; pontoon hardware (jewelry).

Includes dredges, without hull; ocean-going dredges; floating dredges.

Includes commercial sailing vessels.

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