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includes machine guns; brushes, machine gun and pistol.

includes breech mechanisms; mounts; grenade launchers for integral-cartridge grenades, single-shot or auto-loading or automatic-firing.

includes breech mechanisms; mounts; rammers.

includes breech mechanisms; power drives; gun shields.

includes firing platforms; mounts; gun shields.

includes gun yokes; rammers; reflectors.

includes breech mechanisms; training gears; power drives.

includes flame throwers; smoke generators.

includes depth charge tracks; torpedo tubes.

includes airborne rocket launchers adaptable to guided missile use.

includes dummy artillery, aircraft and vehicles; garnished nets.

includes components and accessories used on or with weapons falling in two or more classes of group 10.

includes line throwing guns; catapult guns; bayonets; saluting guns; signal guns; flare guns; barrage balloons; accessories, not elsewhere classifiable, for weapons in this group; expendable bomb dispensers.

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