FSG 67 | Photographic Equipment

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Includes aerial and mapping cameras. Excludes television cameras, nonairborne (fsc 5820); television cameras, airborne (fsc 5821); video cameras (fsc 5836).

Includes aerial, mapping, microfilm, photocopy, and studio cameras. Excludes x-ray cameras (fsc 6525), and industrial x-ray machine (fsc 6635).

Includes screens; viewers; photomap projectors; integrated viewers/printer and microform storage and retrieval systems.

Includes editing equipment; enlargers; driers; pressers; printers; washers.

Includes sensitized photographic paper; special purpose photographic chemicals; unprocessed film; photoflash lamps. Excludes x-ray film (medical class 6525 or industrial class 6635); electrographic (facsimile) paper for direct electrostatic printing or copying (fsc 7530).

Includes light meters; tripods; filters; range-finders; photographic floodlight fixtures; lenses; specialized photographic test equipment. Excludes lamps (bulbs) (fsc 6240); photoflash lamps (fsc 6750).

Includes motion picture film, silent and sound; still picture film. Excludes x-ray film (medical class 6525 or industrial class 6635); training and educational film (fsc 6910); processed microfilm (fsc 7670).

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