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5961-00-005-9817 Transistor

transistor nsn 5961000059817.

Transistor 5961-00-005-9811

inclosure material plastic; mounting method unthreaded hole; semiconductor material silicon

Non Wire Wound Variable Resistor 5905-00-005-9579

body height 0.36 inches; body length 1.25 inches; body width 0.28 inches

5910-00-005-9562 Special Capacitor

special capacitor nsn 5910000059562.

Induct Wire Wound Fixed Resistor 5905-00-005-9559

electrical resistance 820 ohms; resistance tolerance in percent -5 to 5

5999-00-005-9553 Electrical-electron Mounting Pad

electrical-electron mounting pad nsn 5999000059553.

Fuel Injection Nozzle 2910-00-006-0102

part number: 2704-e9e527 and c7tz-9e527-e; cage code: 57526 and 23040

Engine Fuel Pump Parts Kit 2910-00-006-0104

part number: 2701e-9k340-d; cage code: 57526 and 23040

4820-00-006-0115 Stop Diaphragm Valve

stop diaphragm valve nsn 4820000060115.

Exhaust Muffler 2990-00-006-0117

inlet thread direction right-hand; inlet connection type threaded; inlet thread size 3-1/2-8

2920-00-006-0123 Starter Moto Switch

starter moto switch nsn 2920000060123.

2990-00-006-0133 Gasoline Engine Govern Parts Kit

gasoline engine govern parts kit nsn 2990000060133.

3010-00-006-0170 Flexible Shaft Coupling

flexible shaft coupling nsn 3010000060170.

Friction Lining 3950-00-006-0173

application type dry; lining style bulk lining; features provided flexible friction lining

3040-00-006-0179 Differential Spider

differential spider nsn 3040000060179.

4820-00-006-0182 Valve Disk And Seat Set

valve disk and seat set nsn 4820000060182.

Battery Box 6160-00-006-0185

battery box is made of steel and copper; overall height 8.875 inches; overall depth 8.375 inches

5910-00-005-9219 Special Capacitor

special capacitor nsn 5910000059219.

5950-00-005-9203 Special Transformer

special transformer nsn 5950000059203.

5950-00-005-9200 Special Transformer

special transformer nsn 5950000059200.