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NSN 4730-00-006-3632 Plug

special plug nsn 4730000063632. part number: a302998-1; cage code: k0289 and u9143.

NSN 5940-00-006-3630 Terminal

special terminal nsn 5940000063630. part number: hc294; cage code: k1316

NSN 4710-00-006-3623 Metal Tube Assembly

part number: a302690; cage code: k0289 and u9143.

Union Nut NSN 4730-00-006-3622

union nut nsn 4730000063622. part number: ags1216h; cage code: u1653 and 0u583.

NSN 4820-00-006-3621 Stop Valve

special stop valve nsn 4820000063621. part number: d60-482-482; cage code: u1778 and 56387.

NSN 5310-00-006-3620 Special Washer

part number: ags1139f; cage code: u1653 and 0u583.

NSN 5310-00-006-3619 Washer

saddle washer nsn 5310000063619. part number: as1903j16; cage code: u1653 and 0u583.

Float Valve Push Rod NSN 2915-00-006-0587

float valve push rod is made of corrosion-resistant steel with a passivated surface treatment. length of float valve push rod is 4.31 inch. has a thread size of number 8-32 nc-2a.

5310-00-006-3618 Special Nut

special nut nsn 5310000063618.

Switch NSN 5930-00-006-3616

special switch nsn 5930000063616. part number: a1wafer2p0le3way; cage code: u1943

Special Cable Assembly NSN 5995-00-006-3613

special cable assembly nsn 5995000063613. part number: c309678; cage code: u9143 and k0289.

Pulse-sweep Generator NSN 6115-00-006-3604

pulse-sweep generator nsn 6115000063604. part number: 40-688-341; cage code: k5294.

NSN 4920-00-006-0837 Interface Devic Adapter Assembly

used to assist when measuring backlash between oil pump idler gear and oil pump drive gear

NSN 5305-00-006-3617 Hexagon Head Cap Screw

thread class: 2a thread direction: right-hand thread series designator: unf.

NSN 5962-00-006-2022 Linear Microcircuit

cage code: 57712 telemechanics incorporated

Counter Retaining Plate NSN 2995-00-006-0584

counter retaining plate series 307072 is made of aluminum alloy. counter retaining plate series 307072 is 2.15 inch length by 1.28 inch width by 0.063 inch thick.

NSN 5961-00-006-1517 Transistor

current rating per characteristic: 10 amperes source cutoff current nominal thread size: 0.25

5910-00-006-3508 Special Capacitor

special capacitor nsn 5910000063508.

5930-00-006-3036 Switch

actuator style: round actuator diameter: up to 0.43 inches actuator height: 1.080 inches

5910-00-006-3593 Special Capacitor

special capacitor nsn 5910000063593.