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NSN 6150-00-007-6712 E Special Purpose Cable Assembly

copper material strand awg size per conductor 32 all conductors

Aircraft Structural Panel

end use: f-5 aircraft aluminum alloy

Aircraft Skin

qq-a-250/12 federal specification single material response aluminum alloy

Control Cam

cres mil-s-25043 condition a material thickness: 0.16 inches

Air Distribution Defog Duct

outside diameter: 1 inch wall thickness: 0.035 inches

Defog Duct

outside diameter: 1 inch length: 22.15 inches

Airfoil Rib

aircraft mission design series: f-5 length: 25.81 inches

Strain Gage

scale range: 0 to 12000 pounds part name assigned by controlling agency: testing machine compression tension

NSN 5998-00-007-6970 Circuit Card Assembly

consisting of: 1 printed wiring board 10 capacitors 13 diodes 2 integrated circuits 46 resistors and 13 transistors

NSN 5998-00-007-6969 Circuit Card Assembly

consists of: 1 printed wiring board 2 capacitors 11 integrated circuits and 8 resistors

Board Assembly Clamp

width: 0.5 inches length: 1.7 inches

NSN 3120-00-007-6907 Thrust Washer Bearing

thickness: 0.059 inches to 0.061 inches

NSN 5935-00-007-6894 Electrical Plug Connector

height 1.25 copper contact material

5930-00-007-6882 Rotary Switch

diameter: 1.1 inches operating temperature range: -54 to 55 degrees celsius

NSN 5905-00-007-7128 Thermal Resistor

operating temperature: up to 300 degrees celsius body length: up to 0.1 inches