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NSN 1560-00-005-3704 Nose Assembly

nose assembly nsn 1560000053704.

4730-00-006-1614 Quick Disconnect Coupling Half

quick disconnect coupling half nsn 4730000061614.

NSN 5905-00-005-4080 Resistor

terminal length 1.5 power dissipation rating in watts 0.062 free air body diameter 0.087 body length 0.25 electrical resistance 11 kilohms

Torque Rod NSN 2530-00-006-0050

nonadjustable tandem axle torque rod. rod connectors are located on both ends.

NSN 5910-00-005-3798 Mica Dielectric Fixed Capacitor

terminal length 1.5 insulation resistance at reference temp 100000 megohms

5905-00-005-4245 Induct Wire Wound Fixed Resistor

body diameter 0.115 body length 0.625 electrical resistance 1.8 kilohms

NSN 5310-00-006-2746 Washer

spring tension steel washer series 791-503. material thickness of 0.059 inches and hole diameter of 0.562 inches. cage codes: 05341 and 99193.

4720-00-006-1633 Preformed Hose

rubber material inside diameter 1.5

NSN 4720-00-006-0048 Nonmetallic Tubing

temperature rating in degrees fahrenheit: -40 degrees single response and 212 degrees single response.

Heater NSN 4520-00-006-0025

combustion chamber heating method with a heat delivery rate of 60000 british thermal unit.

5360-00-005-4067 Torsion Helical Spring

torsion helical spring nsn 5360000054067.

NSN 3040-00-006-1640 Spur Gearshaft

gear outside diameter 1.243 steel shaft material

5315-00-005-0127 Pin

frame pin 5315-00-005-0127 nsn A51B92924-11

5120-00-005-3654 Pusher

pusher nsn 5120000053654.

5962-00-005-3259 Digital Microcircuit

body length 0.24-0.275 body width 0.24-0.26 body height 0.03-0.07

5996-00-005-0222 Amplifier

Encased solid state amplifier for video

4720-00-006-1631 Nonmetallic Hose Assembly

measuring method and length 12.5 excluding end fittings maximum operating pressure 165 pounds per square inch

NSN 4240-00-006-0022 Evacuation Hose

length of hose: 24 inches; inside diameter of hose: 2.5 inches

5935-00-005-0220 Connector

Gold contact connector length 1.272 inches

NSN 5910-00-005-3795 Capacitor

continuous current rating in amps 9.2 capacitance value per section 5300 microfarads single section body diameter 2.578 body length 4.25 nonderated operating temp -40 to 85 degree celsius