Metalworking Machinery

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includes cutoff machines; saw blade dressing machines; retoothing machines.

includes electrical discharge machines; electrolytic grinding machines.

includes multiple spindle drilling-tapping machines.

includes screw machines

includes combination shaper-planers.

includes gun rifling machines; speed lathes.

includes hardening, annealing, tempering, normalizing, cyaniding, and carburizing equipment; furnaces, flue welding, non-thermal stress relieving systems.

includes galvanizing, tinning, oiling, pickling; electroplating, and anodizing equipment.

includes gas shielded arc welding machines; arc bonding machines; semi-automatic and automatic arc welding machines.

includes electric resistance brazing machines; band saw brazers; stored energy resistance welding machines.

includes metal spray guns; arc cutting machines; torches and tips; gas brazing machines; flame cutting machines; vacuum metalizers; spark discharge metalizers.

includes welding tables.

includes thermite welding equipment; flux recovery machines; flux dispensers; arc converters; welding panels.

includes soldering irons; welding electrodes and rods; brazing fluxes; soldering fluxes; solder.

includes metal powder compacting presses.

includes metal powder compacting presses.

includes arbor, straightening, forcing, and assembly presses.

includes portable abrasive cutting machines; portable drilling machines; portable slotters and shapers.

includes broaches; files; milling cutters; reamers; saws.

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