Food Preparation And Serving Equipment

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includes warming and/or chilling tables, stationary and portable; serving carts; field and mobile baking ovens; toasters; waffle irons; grills; special aircraft, marine, and railway type food cooking equipment; utensils with integral heating units; cafeteria type display cases and showcases; soda fountains; milk, soda, and/or ice cream dispensers; cold food counters; combination heated-refrigerated food serving equipment; carbonators; and other types of refrigerated food serving and display equipment commonly used in cafeterias, mess hall kitchens, and the like.

includes dishwashing machines; food slicing machines; food mixers; utility carts specially designed for use in kitchen and dining area.

includes pots; pans; can openers; graters; food mashers; cleavers; vacuum bottles and jugs.

includes knives; forks; spoons; hunting knives.

includes china and earthenware; glassware; paper plates and cups.

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