Containers, Packaging, And Packing SuppliesFSG Catalog » Containers, Packaging, And Packing Supplies (FSG 81)

Category Class
Bags And Sacks

Includes Shipping And Protective Envelopes; Liners For Bags And Sacks; Textile And Paper Laminated Shipping Bags; Closures For Bags And Sacks.

Drums And Cans

Includes Barrels; Kegs; Shipping And Storage Pails; Collapsible Tubes; Mailing And Filing Tubes; Closures For Drums And Cans.

Boxes, Cartons, And Crates

Includes Shoe Boxes; Beer Cases; Pill Boxes; Piano Cases; Engine Boxes; Bombsight Boxes.

Commercial And Industrial Gas Cylinders

Bottles And Jars

Includes Shipping Jugs And Carboys; Ampoules.

Reels And Spools

Packaging And Packing Bulk Materials

Includes Wrapping Paper; Moisture Vapor Barrier Paper; Excelsior; Wadding For Packing; Corrugated Paper; Baling Bands, Baling Ties; Shipping Tags; Gummed Paper Tape; Separators; Box Liners; Packaging Staples; Baling Wire; Preformed Cushioning Inserts.

Ammunition And Nuclear Ordnance Boxes, Packages And Special Containers

Includes All Shipping And Storage Containers Specially Designed For Guided Missiles, Major Missile Sections, Missile Warheads, And Other Guided Missile Components.

Specialized Shipping And Storage Containers

Includes Specially Designed Components (not Elsewhere Classifiable) Peculiar To Special Shipping And Storage Containers As Delimited Under This Class.

Freight Containers

Top, Platform, Tank And Air/surface Containers. Includes General Purpose, Dry Bulk, Ammunition Grade, Named Cargo, Thermal, Open