NSN Category Groups Filtered by federal supply group

FSG Group Description
15 Aerospace Craft And Structural Components
16 Aerospace Craft Components And Accessories
17 Aerospace Craft Launching, Landing, Ground Handling, And Servicing Equipment
37 Agricultural Machinery And Equipment
87 Agricultural Supplies
63 Alarm, Signal And Security Detection Systems
13 Ammunition And Explosives
31 Bearings
76 Books, Maps, And Other Publications
80 Brushes, Paints, Sealers, And Adhesives
68 Chemicals And Chemical Products
79 Cleaning Equipment And Supplies
84 Clothing, Individual Equipment, Insignia, And Jewelry
58 Communication, Detection, And Coherent Radiation Equipment
56 Construction And Building Materials
38 Construction, Mining, Excavating, And Highway Maintenance Equipment
81 Containers, Packaging, And Packing Supplies
61 Electric Wire, And Power And Distribution Equipment
59 Electrical And Electronic Equipment Components
29 Engine Accessories
28 Engines, Turbines, And Components
60 Fiber Optics Materials, Components, Assemblies, And Accessories
12 Fire Control Equipment
73 Food Preparation And Serving Equipment
91 Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, And Waxes
44 Furnace, Steam Plant, And Drying Equipment; And Nuclear Reactors
71 Furniture
23 Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, And Cycles
51 Hand Tools
53 Hardware And Abrasives
72 Household And Commercial Furnishings And Appliances
66 Instruments And Laboratory Equipment
28 Jet Engines And Components
62 Lighting Fixtures And Lamps
88 Live Animals
55 Lumber, Millwork, Plywood, And Veneer
49 Maintenance And Repair Shop Equipment
39 Materials Handling Equipment
52 Measuring Tools
30 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
65 Medical, Dental, And Veterinary Equipment And Supplies